Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Derma C - Facecare - Rejuvaderm - Garcinia Cambogia SCAM



DO NOT deal with the above companies and in particular DO NOT order the FREE trial of DermaC Vitamin C Face Cream.

They will send you a sample for £2.99 p&p and then continue to take £89.78 per month from your bank account, telling you that you agreed to their Terms and Conditions.

AT NO POINT did I tick a T&C's box (hence I cannot be bound) and I am being robbed.

My bank are now dealing with this - along with heaps of other complaints about this company - but I want to spread the word to stop these scammers.

The product is absolute rubbish anyway so it went in the bin.

Their whole website is a farce - links to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ go nowhere.

Further complaints board forum regarding this company here.  Also be aware of a company called Garcinia Cambogia, a weight loss company, who appear to be affiliated with these people as I was given their number to escalate my complaint - unsurprisingly, they hung up.

More info on 'Free Trial' scams here.

Do not allow the FAT CAT behind this to continue feeding his illegal lifestyle!

Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Misfit Does a Music Festival - well, almost!

My friends and family know that I can be a bit precious when it comes to creature comforts.  I love my bath, my bed and my hairdryer - simples.  So the thought of ever doing a festival like Glastonbury - as much as I would love to experience the music - is just a no-go.

Mud, stinky loos, smelly wellies and no hot water?  Uggh!  You can stick that right up your cold-running hose pipe.

However, last night I had a taste of what a music festival would be like but still returned home to my bath and my bed - heaven!

We set off to Flaunden in Hertfordshire to my friend's house where he had organised 'FlaundenFest' to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

On a beautiful balmy evening, 300 of us gathered and raised just over £3k in the process.  We drank, had a BBQ, sang, danced and lolled on our picnic blankets or haystacks.

Toddlers were happily filling their pockets with gravel from the driveway, dogs were mingling amongst the crowd and asking to be played with - one even had a GoPro attached to a harness on his back filming the events.  I'm glad he didn't get footage of me in the (very dark) Portaloo when a woman kept insisting on opening the door and shoving her camera light in for me!  Thoughtful, yes.  But I'm fine means I'm fine!

So ... has it changed my mind about doing a full-blown festival?


Would I go to FlaundenFest again?

Oh yes!

The entrance and first band kicking off the evening

My friend sang with the band too!
The Phoenix Blues Band
Let's not forget what the event was for.

The Misfits had fun in the setting sun
Photos from past years can be found on FlaundenFest's Facebook page.