Friday, 25 October 2013

FUNKY FRIDAY - with author Francis Potts

This week on FUNKY FRIDAY, I chat with author Francis Potts.  He was offered tea or coffee - he went for wine!

Francis, you freely admit to being a young Enid Blyton fan (weren't we all?). Tell me what it was that grabbed you in her novels and do you hold her responsible for your need to write?

Hmm. Has someone been reading Carol’s blog? Enid Blyton isn’t responsible for my need to write (I think of it more as a desire than a need, anyway), but she did teach me something. Stories should be readable. People have told me that they like my style. I didn’t think I had a style. I thought I was just telling stories.

How do you deal with a bad review? Are you a sulker or do you just shrug and get on with it?

Mostly shrug and move on. I don’t see the point of a review that just says ‘I didn’t like this’.

You say you enjoy chick lit. Can you tell us why and what makes a good chick lit read for you?

Hmm. Carol’s blog again? For me a good chick lit read is contemporary, has good dialogue, and a happy ending. Nothing challenging, no wars, no vampires, werewolves, or BDSM. Enid Blyton for grownups.

That's exactly how I see chick lit - I like it to do what it says on the tin. Right. Dream time. What's your ultimate goal as a writer?

To write a bestseller that isn’t run of the mill. A number of reviews describe my stories as ‘quirky’. I’d like to write a quirky bestseller, and make a squillion.

Someone once asked me this question and it got me thinking. If you were offered a squillion pounds but told that you could never write again, would you take it?

Yes. I could probably handle lounging around somewhere warm, maybe on a shady marble terrace, with lots of intelligent and talented women who would chat, pour glasses of red wine and read to me. Maybe a few dancing girls.

Yep - imagination went into overdrive there, didn't it?! Describe your ideal writing day. You may include dancing girls if you wish.

The dancing girls would probably be a distraction. I’d keep them for later. Or when someone gives me a squillion quid. Just a quiet day, without too many interruptions or other things that need doing.

Mean question! How often do you check your sales? I freely admit to hourly, if I'm at home, if that helps!

During a free promo, every few hours. Otherwise once every week or two.

Wow - such willpower! I have to stop myself from being so obsessed.


Planner or Winger?
Winger through and through.

Night or Morning?
Whenever I get time.

Doer or procrastinator?

Writing/first draft or editing?
Now? Finishing the first draft of a collaboration. Life After Pole Dancing.

Tea or coffee?

Thank you so much for joining me, Francis.  It's been fun. Hic!  Now I'll let you get back to those dancing girls.

You can follow Francis on Twitter @FPotts, buy his books here or visit his very funny blog.


My Christmas novella 'Cinderella's Buttons' is due for release next Wednesday, 30th October.  You can read all about it here.


  1. Madness!! Hahaha. Actually, if offered a squilion pounds, I'd have to turn it down. Couldn't bear not to write. Great entertainment, as always.

  2. Thanks for inviting me onto your blog, Amanda. Life After Pole Dancing (quirky, but funny and sexy and poignant, apparently) is now live.

  3. Hah! I might chat and pour wine, but I won't dance. Good interview.