Friday, 13 September 2013

FUNKY FRIDAY with Carol Wright from Dizzy C's Little Book Blog

Happy FUNKY FRIDAY to you all - today I'm delighted to welcome an avid reader, reviewer and huge supporter of writers, Carol Wright:

We settled with coffee and a huge cake and had a chat.

Carol, what made you decide to start a book review blog? 

I was looking for book suggestions to read and came across a book blog. I didn't even know what a blog was until that moment. I started following a few and decided I too wanted to share my love of books with others. So began the "little" book blog.  I thought it would just be reviews and a bit of family news.

What type of book keeps you turning the pages and up all night? 

Funny novels, like your novels Amanda, (ooh, I didn't even pay her to say that!) and well researched and written historical fiction/romance.  I like a book that homes in on my kind of humour and can make me laugh out loud.  I also like a book that can transport me back in time and teach me more about history.

As an avid reader and reviewer, would you ever put pen to paper yourself? 

I would love to write my own novel. Historical romance or chicklit.  I am a big history fan and would love to spend days, weeks, months researching for an historical novel.  I have ideas for stories.  My chicklit would be chicklit 40+, but if I draw on my own experiences it may be too much like those true life weepies LOL!

What type of books make you want to chuck them at the wall? 

Celebrity books of any kind, autobiographies, biographies, ghost written novels.

I couldn't agree more - I'm sick to the teeth of every Tom, Dick and Harry 'writing' a book and nailing a publishing deal just because of who they are.  Where do they end up?  In the bargain bucket, where they belong!  Bitter?  Me?  Yep!

So how do you tactfully say you hated a book?  Or do you say it as it is? 

If I don't like a book, I won't review it online anywhere. I don't believe in picking holes in an author's work. It may appeal to other folks. If it was a book sent to me for review I will let the author or publisher know why I didn't personally like it.

That's the sort of reviewer us writers love!  Our books are our babies, try to treat us and them kindly - and as you say, it may not be the book for you but plenty of others may love it.

It's been great to have a reader/reviewer on the blog today - check Carol out on Twitter @DizzyCLBB and on her FaceBook page.  Why not also check out her blog and take a look at the books she's read and what she thinks of them?

Next week I welcome my good friend and fellow Indie MICHELLE BETHAM and we have quite a giggle together as we nip off to fantasy land! 

***** NEWSFLASH ***** 

I'm about to start on the joint edit of my Christmas novella which is due for release at the end of October.  I'm also completing re-writes for my next full length novel which will hit the virtual shelves mid-December. 

MICHELLE BETHAM is on her final read-through of 'Extra Time', the sequel to 'Striker', and it should be available to download any time soon.

GILLI ALLAN has released her latest novel 'FLY OR FALL': “Will the allure of the unknown ever overcome the fear of stepping away from solid ground?”  Now on Kindle at and  Check out her author page to find out more about her other books.  Gilli will be chatting with me here at FUNKY FRIDAY 28th March.


  1. Interesting to read what a book blogger is looking for. I think most of us are turned off by the celebrity-thing - so how come so much of that twaddle it still published ...

    1. I am going to be lynched here, but I believe it is usually those who don't read often who buy those kinda books! *cowers in the corner

  2. Thank you for having me as guest today, Amanda. :) It was fun to be interviewee for a change :)


  3. Interesting interview Carol. So agree about celebrity 'authors'.

  4. I could be in trouble here too, Carol but I agree. I think non-readers often get suckered into the celebs books because they see them on TV and trust that it will be a good read.

  5. Celeb authors let the side down for all writers...I'm thinking of a certain big busted model who freely admits she doesn't even write her books! Lovely post!! Carol (what a GREAT name) has the loveliest blog on the block. I sometimes just go and hang out on it.SOO pretty.

  6. Fabulous interview and great to see you here, Carol. I am personally so glad that you began your 'Little' Book Blog (which I adore) and I'd love to see you dip your toes into writing ~ go on, give it a try! Meanwhile, thanks for your fun answers and thanks to Amanda for hosting you. Rock on!

  7. Joining you from over at Dizzy's site.

    Well said Carol, 'celeb' books generally annoy me as well and especially when that celeb (mentioning no names)has in the past boasted about how they have never actually read a book from start to finish.

    Anyway, nice to meet you Amanda, I've enjoyed my visit.

  8. Great post! I love Carol's Little Book Blog and have especially enjoyed the Summer Fun Feature.

  9. Hi Amanda. I've just popped over from Carol's excellent blog. I've taken her up on several of her book recommendations, and I've enjoyed every one of them. You asked some good questions there Amanda, and I was so with Carol on her answer about so-called celebrity books. It seems that every celebrity is able to just knock off a novel just like that! Obviously the Publishers know that the name will sell the books, but I still don't like it!