Friday, 24 May 2013

The End of an Era

Today was my 17 year old son's last day at school.  Following a week's study leave he will then just sit the last of his A levels and then his schooling will be behind him.

How on earth did this happen?  Where did those years go?  It really feels like just yesterday that I was dropping him off at nursery, with a lump in my throat and his tiny hand in mine.


Regular blog followers will know that this hasn't been an easy journey for us.  School phobia at eleven and  then fighting tooth and nail to financially afford to keep him in the private school he grew to love, have left us with a huge sense of relief and achievement (and debt!).

But nobody has achieved more than him - our lovely young man.  After missing out on a full year and two part years of education he still managed to forge friendships and come out with 9 GCSE's and 3 AS levels.  We have quiet confidence in him passing his A levels this summer - but with teens, who knows?

Would I do it it all again if I had my time over?  Aside from the crippling fear which engulfed him, hell yeah!  I believe that every sacrifice we've made has been more than worth it and we've given him the best possible start in life - what he now chooses to do with that is up to him.  And even his anxiety can be turned into a positive - if I hadn't been there in my car for three years to support him, I may never have put finger to keyboard and written my first chicklit novel.   I guess all things happen for a reason.

In fact as my son often says, 'If it hadn't been for my mad phase, you might never have become a writer.'

Yes, he is one quirky boy!


So tonight, I shall raise a glass to my young man - who still doesn't drink and says he never will! - and reflect on the years which have flown by at a rate of knots.  All you mums out there with kids about to start school - love every minute because you won't believe how quickly they pass.

Now a new journey starts for my boy - job searching.  Watch this space ... 


  1. Aww my little one starts full time in September. Strange...I will treasure every minute. Hope your 'little' man enjoys the next phase in his life!

  2. Yup, remember this day...grown up young lady chugging off to school in her 2CV. Me still seeing her 4 year old self in red checked dress with my little pony specs and pink lunchbox. Sigh. Didn't you both do well, though!

  3. Always reminded of 'Slipping through my fingers' from Mamma Mia - the most massive tear-jerker!

  4. Bless him (& you) he's accomplished so very much (again - AND YOU! & Mr. Misfit - obvs)
    All the best for whatever he chooses, he'll be fab.
    I feel like I'm too quickly approaching where you are...he starts yr10 in Sept :(

  5. Aww I'm very impressed he allowed you to take a 'last day' picture! Congrats to him and wishing him all the best in whatever will be his new adventure! xx