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FUNKY FRIDAY - with reviewer 'The Book Geek Wears Pajamas'

It's FUNKY FRIDAY time again and today I'm in my PJ's and chatting to Natalie McCormack from The Book Geek Wears Pajamas.  Check out her blog here or follow her on Twitter @PajamaBookGirl. 

Here's what we chatted about.

As an avid reader and reviewer what books keep you up all night and what type make you want to chuck them at the wall?

I'm a chick lit, romance, girly reader, but I do dabble in different genres now and again and I love any author who can draw me out of my current life and situations and plummet me into something so very different. The authors who do this with every book they write are on my list of greats. Jane Green being my number one. Very rarely will she have a book with a similar plot and yet as the years are progressing her writing is touching on situations that a lot of people are frightened of. I applaud that greatly. These kind of books are fast becoming my favourites and will stop me sleeping so I can finish them in one sitting.

I hate Fifty Shades of Grey with a passion. I'm no prude mind, I like erotica and some of the erotica books published over the past few years have been fabulous. Fifty Shades to me is nothing but ripped off trash with a bit of stalking thrown in for good measures. It is poorly written and as flat as three day old Pepsi. I've seen a few interviews on TV with James and she always seems stuck up, bored, uncomfortable and not interested in anything asked. Utter disdain for everything, including her fans/readers. Then, I came across a twitter feed from a group of ladies (survivors) who have been on the receiving end of domestic violence who had asked E.L. James why she didn't think about doing more research into BDSM and why she didn't think that some of her scenarios were in fact DV real life cases. She replied by calling them trolls. I was deeply disgusted by this. The disgust I have for that woman and her half arsed fan fiction is on par with my disgust from when I vomit and it comes out through my nose. They are the books I want to throw at walls and any other books written by arrogant egotistical authors who have no time or respect for their readers/fans, their books can go flying too.

Would you ever be tempted to write your own novel?

Noooo. I'm a terrible writer. I write how I speak and I write without thinking, I also get far too carried away with things. The question above is proof of this. I wouldn't know where to start either. Authors have something extremely magical about them. Me, my magic comes from sleeping. I'm superb at that.

How do you review a book you hate? Do you sweeten the pill or say it as it is?

If I'm being totally honest I do both. I sweeten the pill by giving the fairer points to the book and by saying what audience I think the book would be better received by, but I also have my say too. I don't think it necessary to annihilate someone for their hard work. There are ways of getting your point across without being horrible. I guess if a book was utterly vile, I would possibly go harder, but I'm yet to have crossed that bridge.

Can you remember the first book that set you off with the reading bug?

I actually have three.
First being Daz 4 Zoe by Robert Swindells.
Second being Cuban Heels by Emily Barr.
Third being Jemima J by Jane Green. These books each gave me something I didn't know I was missing in life. Each gave me something new. Daz 4 Zoe was given to me to read as punishment when I was 14, I absolutely loved it. I read, but only the usual Roald Dahl, Sue Townsend. This opened me up to dual narration and the wonder of romance and suspense. It was a wonderful place I needed to be in a lot more. I started trying to read books, but never did I find something that allowed me to live through the words like that until I found Jane Green and chick lit. Jemima J was the first book I read that actually took me into real life, you know the books that when you read you forget it's fiction? Well that's what happened. I'd never experienced that before and I fell in love with the whole girly/rom-com/heart warming thrill chick lit brings. When I had my first child I was diagnosed with post natal depression and was very unwell, Cuban Heels gave me a clarity and release to see my life as something else. (Full Cuban heels story is on my website) anyway, it moved me a step closer to recovery and I love it so much I have a copy in my memory box.

Dream time! It's your ideal dinner party - who's there, dead or alive and why?

Tough one, erm... Would have to be…

• Russell Brand.
I am in love with Russell Brand. He is amazingly talented and has such a good heart. He would cause chaos, but at the same time drum up excellent debates.

• Noel Fielding.
Noel Fielding and Russell Brand together is like a bomb going off. A hysterical bomb of gothic magic with unicorns, bubblegum & nonsense. I adore Noel's style and sense of humour.

• Boy George.
Boy George can be our chef/DJ for the night, his raw food diet not only has him looking utterly fabulous it looks amazingly gorgeous too. He is a class A bitch and really funny. I think he would be brilliant for a natter with.

• My best friend Becki.
My gorgeous Becki. I couldn't do it without her. She would also most probably pick the majority of the people I would pick too. I love this girl to death she is honestly such a perfect soul and I'm blessed to have her in my life.

• Jane Green.
Oh come on. This is me remember, as if my chick lit hero would not be there for me to pick her brains.

• Ali McNamara.
The gorgeous Ali because she makes me smile and has such a calming way about her. Recently we've been chatting about life and we've both had a rough ride so we both need cheering up.

I'll stop there before it turns into a full on house party. I seriously could add in about 10 more people :)

You've been asked to become the new face of Loose Women! Do you accept?

Yes. Even though I don't watch it. I could well stir up some trouble and I'd get to promote my favourite books and authors too.

Thanks for having me Amanda, your questions have been wonderful. 

It's been great to chat, Natalie.  Thanks for stopping by.

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